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Welcome to Ingels History

My name is Mark Ingels and over the past several years my father Jerry Ingels and I have started tracing our ancestry and we are hoping that this page will centralize all of the information that we have gathered.  Our goal is that others interested in the same information will find this page useful and we hope to get contributions (pictures, names, dates, etc...) from anyone that can help expand our knowledge base.

Most of the information contained here has been gathered from the sites listed on our site resources page, as well as from family members, friends and our own independent research.  I'd especially like to thank Stephanie McBrayer, Kelli Mick, Stacie Appel, Luke McDaniel, Kirby Grider, Pat Hornell, Peter Johnson, Sandra Ingels (Dicks) and Kathy Salazar for providing an amazing amount of pictures and information for us to archive.  We have tried our best to validate all of the information here, but errors are sure to exist.  Please contact us if you see any errors, oversights or if you have any additional info and we'll do our best to update our site.


Where do our Ingels come from?  

(Click the map to see the migration)

DNA evidence points to our lineal descendant coming from Scandinavia, most likely Denmark, Norway or Sweden.  He would have crossed the North Sea by ship into Scotland. There are records of the Inglis (Ingels or Ingls) family in Lanarkshire, Scotland in as early as 1300.  The same family was referenced in the book Trans-Allegheny Pioneers.

 Also in Trans-Allegheny Pioneers from Thomas Ingles (English) great grandson in 1851: "My great grandfather, Thomas Ingles, was a merchant of Dublin, Ireland, who, upon suspicion of entertaining liberal principles and engaging in a rebellion him and his two sons were sent as convicts to Wales from whence they made their escape to the United States, my grandfather William Ingles being one of the number, they came first to Pennsylvania and from there to this country.

From John Hale, great grandson of William Ingles (English), and author of Trans-Allegheny Pioneers
(1884), describes the Ingles family this way: Thomas Ingles, according to family tradition, was descended from a Scotch family, was born and reared in London, lived about 1730 to 1740, in Dublin, Ireland, was a large importing
wholesale merchant, was wealthy, owned his own ships and traded with foreign countries,
chiefly to the East Indies.

We are continuing to research the direct link from Thomas Ingles (English) to our George Ingels, and there is overwhelming recorded evidence, as well as DNA results that show that we come from the same tree.  We are archiving that info here: Our Link to Thomas Ingles (English).

If you think you may be connected to our Ingels line, the Ingles line or the English line, please contact me at info@ingelshistory.com and consider visiting the English DNA Project.



Our trip to Ohio & West Virginia

Our trip to Ingles Ferry, Virginia

Please help identify these Ingels Family photos



4/15/2014: Updated:  Ingels, Dr. Anson Benjamin (1875-1942)

4/12/2014: Updated:  Ingels, Dr. Anson Benjamin (1875-1942), Ingels (Schooler), Lulu Ethel (1888-1969)

4/10/2014: Updated:  Ingels, Frank William (1925-1995)

4/07/2014: Updated:  Ingels, Lauren Lansen (1861-1909), Ingels, Anson Benjamin (1875-1942)

4/03/2014: Added:  Van Liew, Henry Clow (1825-1888), Van Liew (May), Ellen Malvina (1827-1894)

3/23/2014: Added:  Rush (Marlett), Jimima Samantha (1839-1894), Adkins (Marlette), Mary Francis (1861-1938)  Updated:  Ingels, Berton Theodore (1884-1953), Chick (Ingels), Sarah (1890-1978), Price (Ingels), Belva Lillian (1892-1975), Ingels (Culver), Myrtle Luella (1893-1965), Ingels (Garside), Ellen G. (1916-1989),

3/22/2014: Updated:  Ingels (Low), Dorothy Audrith (1912-1992)

3/21/2014: Updated:  Ingels, Lemuel Charles (1835-1914), Ingels (Mansfield), Clara Ethel (1892-1964), Ingels, Gerald Mark (1971-    )

3/17/2014: Added:  Marlett, Jarod (1839-1873), Marlette, Abraham Rush (1857-1920), Saunders, Clinton Donovan (1883-1961), Marlette (Saunders), Eunice (1884-1974)  Updated: Ingels, Jesse Franklin (1849-1899), Ingels (Clark), Sarah "Sallie" Vanden (1851-1931)

3/16/2014: Updated:  Ingels, Malcomb W. (1836-1865), Ingels, Jesse Franklin (1849-1899), Gilbert (Ingels), Emma Charlotte (1855-1947), Ingels, Jasper Clayton (1855-1934)

3/15/2014: Added:  Ingels, George (1802-Aft.1880), Ingels, Anson (1839-Aft.1910), Saunders, Forrest Donovan (1912-1982)  Updated: Ingels, Anson (1805-1857), Ingels, Jesse Franklin, Sr. (1811-1896), Ingels, Joseph Benjamin (1849-1913), Ingels, Jesse Franklin (1849-1899), Ingels, Joseph Kickersole  (1847-1920), Ingels, Thomas Jefferson (1846-1905), Ingels, Millard Fillmore (1850-1924), Ingels, William Vanden (1853-1940), Ingels, Jesse Franklin "Frank", Jr. (1860-1945), Ingels, Roscoe (1867-1887), Ingels, George William (1881-????), Ingels, Clyde Clarence (1882-1956), Ingels (Sharon), Hazel Annice (1891-1981)

3/10/2014: Added:  Ingels (Dornick), Ella (1865-1919)

3/8/2014: Added:  Kimes (Ingels), Sarah Jane (1843-1925), Ingels (Hauck), Elizabeth (1869-1956)

3/6/2014: Updated:  Ingles, Andrew (1847-1905), Ingels, Joseph Benjamin (1849-1913), Ingels, Anson Benjamin (1875-1942), Ingels, George Melvin (1907-1919), Ingels (Saunders), Esther (1916-2000)